Hershey Squirts
1 min readOct 31, 2021

Economy is the story of life, the entire story of all life on Earth. All life is interdependent and exists within spectrums of symbiosis. The global economy is billions of years old, and operates by an exchange of carbon as it’s currency. The global economy is a “closed loop” system, there is no surplus in nature. Wealth is a measure of biodiversity and richness of life, with variety of species to exploit the variety of ecological niches.

Capitalism is not real, it does not exist. Capitalism is a false idea, a fiction which only exists in the human imagination, like God. The capitalist system is nothing but a set of rules for a game being imposed on humanity by force. Capitalism is simply organized crime. Private property is illegitimate. The atmosphere, the biosphere are indivisible. The concept of profit is based on surplus. There is no surplus in nature. Life exists for billions of years by symbiotic relation. Capitalism is parasitic, antagonistic, degenerate, and antithetical to life. Capitalism is an artificial cancer man has created, a malignancy on the natural world.

Homeostasis must be achieved, by any means necessary. You have the right to defend yourselves by any means, and an obligation to preserve the ecosystem.