Economic system based on private property and wealth (power) accumulation.

Marx define communism in his manifesto with three words, No Private Property.

Communism is an ideal of economic relationships based on symbiosis.

Capitalism’s idea of economic relationships is based on competition, or antagonism

Communism is the complete antagonist of Capitalism

Capitalism concentrates the most resources into the fewest individual hands.

Life has existed on Earth for over three billions years. A great biodiversity evolved to take advantage of every available ecological niche. Each specific ecosystem on Earth has evolved a richness of flora and fauna to maximize the potential for life possible. All life exists by symbiotic economic relation which maintain equilibrium.

Capitalism is an arrangement made possible through technology, where psychologically diseased individuals can organize communities of human beings to behave immorally, to act as a group in a way which mimics the pathology of a cancer cell.

Capitalism does not create wealth. Wealth is inherent in nature. Capitalism does not create ideas. Ideas are the fruits of man’s imagination. All human thought is the result of a collective human consciousness. Every idea comes from an accumulation of past thought. No single individual has ever contributed to human though, to justify ownership of natural resources. Humans have existed for hundreds of thousands of years with no technology. In only a few thousand years of agriculture and private property, capitalism has caused much human suffering and death, while greatly diminishing the wealth of the ecosystem. Capitalism is the opposite of what the indoctrination propaganda says. Capitalism is pure evil.

Capitalists will point to the USSR and say communism has failed. That is the equivalent of pointing to a divorced couple and declare that marriage has failed. The ideal does not fail. People fail to achieve the ideal. Capitalism is easier to implement, in the same way it is easier for a capitalist to pay a prostitute for sex, than to find true love. Capitalism only exists at the barrel of a gun. All capitalist relationships are underpinned with violence. Anyone who has ever attempted to implement communist economic relationships was met with capitalist sabotage. Why are capitalists compelled to burn peasant Vietnamese farms to thwart communism? What example are they afraid of?

On 9/11, I watched the towers burn. I asked myself one question. Why do those people hate me? The history of US imperialism answers that question. Those who hijacked and flew the planes were not terrorists. They were desperate men, amateurs to violence. 9/11 was blowback to imperialism carried out by the greatest purveyors of violence in the world, the US government. An economic system which relies on violence is not a success. It is not even functional. Capitalism is pathological and immoral.

Americans had a hard time figuring out whether human ownership, breeding, and slavery were wrong. That is how fucked up America is. The argument for evil is always about what is good for the economy.




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